Imagine never having to mess with your makeup every morning. Never having your brows smear at the gym or raccoon eyes with the slightest humidity or provocation. All it takes is about two hours and a small investment and that can be your reality. My name is Gia. And I can literally change your life.

I help women feel and look beautiful. That is my calling. If you have sparse or asymmetrical brows, I can help you achieve beautiful, natural looking brows with permanent makeup and microblading. I intensify your eye shape and color with permanent eyeliner, by darkening the lash line or adding a pop of color to match the iris. Small or scarred lips can be augmented with a soft, sheer color enhancement or subtle lining and blending into the natural lip. ​ My background in art is what enables me to create designs for each client based on face shape and existing features. It also helps me blend custom color options for each client. I am Board Certified by the AAM, which requires an extensive level of portfolio scrutiny and testing on a national level. Your safety, your goals, your face, are my priority. I've been a permanent makeup artist, esthetician and hair designer for 20 years but I've been an artist all my life. It is something I truly love. I love to help every woman I meet feel seen, heard, valued and walk out of my studio feeling beautiful. 


Powder brow with hair strokes, all machine-done.

Nano Brows with shading. All machine-done, individual hairs complemented by pixel shading.

Eyeliner with chiseled edge

My clients are real people. I don't use models or stock photos. The clients I see every day have a variety of issues ranging from thin, mature skin to asymmetry and scarring. Often I get people who come in with very old work that needs to be corrected because it turned blue or maybe it's crooked. That's ok! I love a challenge. There's nothing that can't be addressed. If you have been thinking about it, come see me and let's talk. We don't have to do a traditional micro blade map with a large trendy brow. I customize it to suit you and whatever it is you need and want. What is it you struggle with in your makeup routine? And what would it feel like to never have to mess with it again?​

Lash line enhancement (immediately after, so it's slightly swollen) and brows with soft pixels and digital strokes​

Microblading over old permanent makeup. Yes that can be done if the brows aren't too saturated and dark. 

Correction of someone else's work: Fix shape/symmetry, reduce the size a bit, elongate, soften the interior bulb by changing the hard line into soft hair strokes at an angle. Sometimes subtle changes make a big difference.

Board Certified Artist

When you see the gold seal of the AAM (American Academy of Micropigmentation) it means that they are Nationally Board Certified by a panel of experts. This involves a rigorous test, proof of state compliance and licensure, proof of insurance, professional portfolio review, current blood born pathogen certification, client safety protocols and maintaining annual continuing education requirements.